Monday, 16 July 2012

Control Yourself

For no particular reason, here is a particularly weird video for Laura Branigan's 1984 summer hit "Self Control".  Damn girl, control those eyebrows.  Happy Monday!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Lost Hits (1996): Canadian Edition

A little tradition here at Happy Monday is to resurrect syrupy lost hits on Canada Day.  This time we are concentrating on the mid-90's when it seemed any band could get a video played on MuchMusic. 

First up we have The Gravelberrys featuring Paul Myers, brother of Mike (notice the resemblance) who had a minor hit with Wonder Where You Are Tonight.  A fine little pop song.

Next up is Pluto with a driving slice of indie pop.  The song Paste only reached #46 on the charts in 1996, although I remember the video being in heavy rotation.

And finally, here is Salmonblaster from London, Ont.  The song Freeway is quintessential Canadian indie pop of the era.  I always thought this song would have more success stateside.